Radical Quality - From Toyota to Tech

Flavian and Woody present Dantotsu Radical Quality and what they experimented.

Radical Quality - From Toyota to Tech
Subtitles in French and English are available in this video.

In this video

Woody is the CTO and co-founder of Sipios, a fintech development agency. Flavian is a co-author of Build To Sell, CTO, and lean coach.

Where defects in the industry are counted as defects per million parts produced, a developer introduces an average of 70 bugs for every 1000 lines of code produced. We immersed ourselves in the experiments of Sadao Nomura, who launched Dantotsu "Better than the best" activities in Toyota factories, a 3-year program capable of reducing defects by 85%.

The tech practices, visual management, and tools of Dantotsu inspired us to:

  • Eradicate the root causes of a bug within 24 hours of its detection
  • Identify "weak points", typical problems that require strengthening the training system
  • Create a culture of quality where everyone shares their solved bugs

We cover the theory of Dantotsu radical quality and the experiments we ran before October 2022.

You can download our slides here.